Why Use Social Media for SEO in Dubai

Wondering how you can help your website boost conversions? Then you need to talk to your SEO in Dubai company and ask them about using your social media as a way to rank in search results.


One reason why social media is huge right now for getting higher rankings is because of the great number of people who are actually using it. Just imagine, if you have your very active social media page, then you add very useful content also on those pages, more and more people will check your social media, like or recommend your posts and then create this domino effect of more and more people following your page. The more people following your business social media page, the more chances you have in boosting your website’s rank on search results.


Your SEO company may recommend buying or creating fake followers on your social media, but this may not really work for the long-term. Just be aware that search engines have the ability to detect fake followers so it’s best to avoid this strategy when using social media to rank your website. You must actually work on your content and maintain a very active account through your daily posts in order to attract more natural or organic followers and grow your social media community.


Another thing that helps you push your SEO via social media is your community management and timely response. If you have FB messenger, for example, you can give another option for your customers to contact you and ask about your services and products. If you have a dedicated team who can answer those inquiries, you will score high on customer satisfaction and get high scores in your feedback or review scores. These scores and the positive reviews all affect your SEO and overall ranking when searched online.

So it is not enough to post regularly on our social media. You also have to interact with the people following your page. You can do this by posting questions or encouraging comments from your followers. You can even offer contests through your social media or have giveaways on your post. If you neglect your customer interactions online, you also risk losing your current following and potential sales.

Aside from the interactions and natural traffic that social media can give you, you can also use it for link building. We all know that a good link building strategy is necessary for a successful SEO standing. If you want more inbound links using your social media, engage your followers to write about your products or share and recommend them through blogs or articles.

So how do you find the right connections to tap? Look for bloggers or other social media pages that have high domain authority in your chosen field. You can even ask online content creators known in your local area or city if they can link to your website in exchange for some products or discounts from your company. Check out Maximum Net Gain – Dubai SEO Company now for SEO specialists to help you with social media SEO.

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